Paving 101

Rule 1 for Paving an area.

Forget what your mate said.

  • Unless your mate is a qualified builder or landscaper follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Let’s start at the very beginning.

  • What do you want? The best designs come from some solid overall vision of what you want to achieve.
    • Do you want a rustic look, a contemporary look or is it purely functional?
    • What other elements do you need to tie it into, such as retaining walls, drainage, plants, water feature and the like?
  • Physical factors include but are not limited to...
    • Is it a difficult site to dig? What is the soil like?
    • What is access like?
    • Is there a load on the area?
    • Where is the water going to go?

Why should you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations?

  • To be perfectly cynical, manufacturers make recommendations for fairly selfish reasons.
    • They do not like complaints or litigation
    • The recommendations work
    • They get good results and good results are good for business
    • Manufacturers are staffed by people and people generally do not like to see other people distressed or hurt.
    • If something does go wrong and the wall is not made to the recommendations you “won’t have a leg to stand on”.

For a step by step how to check you the videos below.