Cements and Premix

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  • BRICKLAYERS WHITE is a white Masonry Composite Cement produced from white cement clinker and high purity limestone with added air-entraining agent. It is characterized by its outstanding whiteness, uniform composition and good workability. BRICKLAYERS
    $15.50 20kg bag
  • ONEMIX MORTAR Our OneMix Mortar provides the best consistency for all block and brick projects, with a smooth, workable formula that is easy to apply and shape. When laying bricks or blocks, simply add water to our OneMix Mortar and you have a ready-to-use
    $12.95 20kg bag
  • ONEMIX HIGH STRENGTH 60 OneMix High Strength 60 Concrete (HS-60) is a ready to use proportioned blend of cement, aggregate and sand. It is suitable for applications where a higher strength, quality concrete is required. As a result, HS-60 well suited for
    $14.00 20kg bag
  • ONEMIX RAPID SET Our OneMix Rapid Set is our fastest drying formula, made from a special blend of cement, aggregate, sand and additives designed to rapidly harden without any mixing. This quick-setting product is best suited to small jobs that require littl
    $12.50 20kg bag
  • ONEMIX POST MIX OneMix Post Mix is a ready to use proportioned blend of cement, aggregate and sand. Designed especially for setting fence posts, logs and letterboxes. Developed to provide a sturdy yet pliable, consistency, OneMix Post Mix can be applied to
    $10.50 20kg bag
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) 
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