Driveways and Pathways

Pavers can usually be laid around your house without council approval. However, if you’re doing a driveway or working in an area where water run – off is an issue, you may need to contact your local authority. Some newer residential communities have covenants covering the use of driveway materials. If so, get authorisation before proceeding.


Driveways – roadbase type

These are economical and long lasting provided works are carried out correctly.

  • Determine the actual area needed allowing for turn arounds etc.
  • Have a machine (bobcat) remove loose surface material and box out driveway.
  • Work out the quantity of material required – length x width x .15 = the amount of cubic metres required. 1.6 tonnes per cubic metre
  • Allow for compaction – 150mm uncompacted equates to at least 100mm finished
  • Always buy quality roadbase materials that record a high (CBR) rating (strength)
  • If possible compact the area.
  • A light covering of gravel also creates a good effect.
  • Make sure water doesn’t run down the driveway – always off to the side and then away.
  • If you have a steep driveway and water is a problem, a cement treated roadbase can be used usually at the ratio of 3% cement and the same depth. This provides superior lasting and wear.

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