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How much will I need?

Working out volumes

Volumes are easy, if you do a couple of simple things.

The area of a square or rectangle can be easily calculated by multiplying the length by the width and the volume is multiplied by the depth

Eg; 5mtrs long x 4mtrs wide x 100mm (.1 of a mtr) deep = 2 cubic metres
5 x 4 = 20      20 x .1 = 2

Measure everything in metres.
(e.g. 300mm = 0.3m, 3” = 75mm = .075m)

The volume of a circular area is a little different.

You need to know the radius; that is the distance from the centre to the edge, or half the distance right across through the centre.

Then it is the radius x the radius x 3.14 x the depth.
e.g. 2mtr x 2mtrs = 4mtrs x 3.14 x .1m (depth) = 1.256 cubic metres

When working out concrete blend add 30% to allow for slumpage

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