A bit of Apex Masonry History

Apex Masonry was first established in 1979. In early 2001, Apex Masonry was taken over by the Kearley Family. Since then the company has continued to grow rapidly, to introduce new products, improve quality and satisfy customer’s requirements. Apex Masonry has closely followed industry developments and current technologies to continue improvement and growth. Since 2001 new machinery has been installed and many quality control measures have been implemented. The family business is led by experienced personnel and a professional management team, these work together rising to meet the challenge of providing innovative solutions to client’s needs and this makes Apex Masonry a leader in the market.


Leda Pave 400x400x40mm

Centro Pave 300x300x40mm

Sierra Pave 400x200x40mm

Centro Pave 200x200x40mm

Adra Pave 200x100x40mm

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