Need a fence?

Now what you are doing or need help, just see the team at Cobble Patch 7 days a week for everything you need.

To give you a hand when planning your fence click and download our printable “Fencing Guesstimation Sheet”in PDF format


We keep large stocks of the common log sizes.

Wire etc.

The common types of chain wire and hinge joint wire (dog wire) are kept in stock.

Various gauges and roll lengths of tie and straining wire are also kept.

We also have the other bits you need like permanent strainers, staples, netting clips and the like.

Gates and Accessories

Whether it be a vehicular gate, a stock gate or a garden gate, we stock well constructed mesh gates, from 1200mm to 3600mm.

Hanging them is easy with the hinges and latches we also stock.

Other Materials

Concreting your posts in can be achieved with a variety of materials. We have bagged product in regular and rapid set for small jobs through to a couple of different blends and cements for larger projects. Temporary or light fences could possibly be made with the chicken wire and star pickets kept in stock. We even keep most of the tools you would need.