Fencing for your property, Garden or Pool

Firstly be sure of the boundaries and/or local regulations.
Before you start it’s very important to establish where your land starts and your neighbours’ finishes. If you are in any doubt you will need to either contact your local council or engage the services of a licensed surveyor.

Setting the posts for rural fences

  1. Mark out line etc
  2. 2.4 or 3.0 metres apart
  3. Set corner posts first - preferrably with concrete blend and cement.
  4. Posts used for corner, gate or strainer need to be at least 125 - 150mm in diameter and depth at least 800mm, preferrably 1mtr.
  5. Posts for intermediates should be 90 - 125mm in diametre and spaced 2.4 or 3.0 mtr apart to allow for use of a top rail in the future. These should be in 600mm deep.
  6. Most rural type fences are 1200mm high.
  7. Star pickets can be used instead of or as an alternative to posts.
  8. Before attaching netting, hinge joint or chain mesh, good practice is to run a top, belly and bottom wire to strengthen and support your choice of wire containment material. Wires can be tightened easily using rachets.
  9. Hinge joints, chain mesh or netting may be attached using clips to wire and staples to posts.

Whatever your fencing needs ...
Cobble Patch has the solution and the advice to make it easy!