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  • A highly effective product that kills ants and provides barrier protection to control ants outside before they get inside your home. Features: Insecticide with an active more gentle on the environment Effective control of ants in the home
    $10.95 500g ea.
  • SUREFIRE FIVESTAR Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 80g/l Bifenthrin Suspension Concentrate For the control of a range of urban interior and exterior pests, for the post-construction protection of structures from subterranean termite damage an
    $48.00 1lt ea.
  • SEMPRA   For the selective, post-emergence control of nutgrass in sugarcane, corn or maize and sorghum and for the selective post emergence control of nutgrass and Mullumbimby couch in turf. Also controls nutgrass in cotton using shielded sprayers.
    $62.00 25g ea.
  • SUREFIRE GLYPHOSATE 360 Active Ingredient: Glyphosate 360g/L Glyphosate (present at Isopropylamine salt) Group M Herbicide A water soluable herbicide for the non-slective control of most perennial and annual weeds. Available in 1 litre
    $16.95 1lt ea.
    $69.00 5lt ea.
    $198.00 20lt ea.
  • SUREFIRE DICAMBA M Active Ingredient: MCPA Dicamba (present as the Dimethlyamine salt) 80g/L Herbicide solution For the control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in winter cereals, pastures, turf and non-crop areas Available in 1litre, 5
    $26.50 1lt ea.
    $110.00 5lt ea.
  • Rocky Point Mulching Organic Premium Cow Manure is a premium blend and provides a balanced and readily available nutrient-rich soil conditioner. A well-structured soil is essential for plant growth, so consider using Rocky Point Mulching’s low
    $6.95 30lt bag
  • Rocky Point Mulching’s Organic Active 8 is a well-balanced soil improver and planting mix designed for the home gardener to plant directly into with no fuss. Organic Active 8 contains over 8 active ingredients helping to improve your soil and a
    $6.95 30lt bag
  • Mix ideal for planting and propagating. Provides the best possible start for your plants. Features: Contains Peat and Propagating sand Certified regular Australian Standard mix
    $13.95 25lt bag
  • Premium quality pure blood and bone fertiliser – a longstanding staple product used by domestic and professional gardeners alike, blood and bone is a highly effective natural fertiliser for your entire garden. Blood & Bone fertilise
    $49.00 20kg bag
  • Dolomite will correct Magnesium deficiencies and neutralise soil acidity with the application of Premium Grade Dolomite-100% natural, Australian mined calcium magnesium carbonate. Dolomite is an economical way to increase the soil pH in acidic soils (sweete
    $15.95 20kg bag
  • Achieve fast growth and long lasting colour with Eco88s, a quality, balanced fertiliser that combines organic and inorganic elements. This premium fertiliser is suitable for the whole garden and fantastic for lawns due to its balance of nutrients, granular for
    $45.95 25kg bag
  • Enrich your soil, enjoy rapid growth, consider the environment & enjoy crops which are healthy to consume. Organic Xtra is the perfect blend of composted manure, blood & bone, fish meal, seaweed & more – 100% natural, organic, foolproof to ap
    $26.95 25kg bag
  • $55.95 20kg bag
    $41.95 12kg bag
    $17.95 5kg bag
  • Meets Australian Standard 3743 for a Premium Grade Potting Mix Rocky Point Mulching Premium Potting Mix 60L is full of active organic nutrients and used professionally by growers with excellent results. Its a great choice for all plant t
    $14.95 60lt bag
    $8.95 30lt bag
  • $25.00 Round ea.
    $14.00 1/2 Round ea.
    $25.00 Square ea.
  • $33.00 900mm x 450mm ea.
    $45.00 900mm x 600mm ea.
  • $16.00 450mm x 450mm ea.
    $25.00 600mm x 600mm ea.
    $14.00 400mm x 400mm
Displaying 23 to 46 (of 46 products)